What Defines
Welcome Skills ?

  • We work with leading hotels and restaurants globally
  • We offer expert advice and guidance for you to develop your career and achieve your goals
  • We ensure that your needs and aspirations are met when matching a vacancy
  • We will equip you with all the skills you need for a fulfilling career in Hospitality
  • Our British qualifications are internationally accredited and will enable you to access a global career
  • Modern, award winning and comprehensive Hospitality education
  • Our faculty is composed of talented and respected teachers with years of experience in Hospitality and Education.

About Welcome Skills

Welcome Skills is a fast growing national training provider with a track record in delivering training to employees and employers within the Hospitality and Catering Sector. Welcome Skills commenced trading in 2003 and has successfully developed a strong brand in quality training.
Our mission is to provide outstanding training to our clients and serve as a one stop shop for business training and services. We listen to the needs of our clients and provide invaluable support and advice. Our strategy is to develop a relationship with our clients for the long term and not just for the immediate future. 
For more information on our UK center visit http://welcomeskills.com/

Message from The CEO

Welcome to WISH. Our objective is to train and educate students to a high level of excellence and competence in the varied operations of the global Hospitality Industry. Thereby, producing the finest Hospitality professionals, future leaders and senior managers of the sector. Your journey starts here.

Once inside our School, you will be immersed into our way of life. Being part of our Institute is a life changing experience. We will guarantee that you will leave with the skills, experience and qualifications you require to have a global career in Hospitality.

Our faculty brings years of Hospitality experience and acts as mentors and educators to our students. Our curriculum, facilities and teachers will ensure that you have a truly international experience, as the world of Hospitality is all about being aware of new trends, customs and cultures.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school in the very near future.

Kulsum Hussin

Our Principles

Providing the right education for every individual

Helping to develop the industry as a whole

Establishing & nurturing the perfect environment for learning

Creating new opportunities & possibilities

The Catey Awards


The Cateys are a UK award ceremony for the hospitality industry, first held in 1984. They have been described as the hospitality industry’s equivalent of the Oscars. Recipients are nominated, selected and awarded by the industry through The Caterer magazine.