What are my career prospects once I graduate from WISH?

After graduating from WISH career opportunities are endless. The skills that you acquire here in the school will allow you to apply for entry level positions in hotels, restaurants, bars, convention centers, cruise ships and much more.

Would WISH consider taking monthly installments for the fees?

As the course is just 4 months long a full prepayment is required on enrollment.

Why is Wish the place to be?
  • Brand new state of the art facilities
  • UK curriculum and awarding bodies
  • International leadership
  • Excellent links with industry
  • Fast track to employability
  • All classes delivered in English
Where have WISH alumni been placed previously?

With many years of experience in the UK, our students have been placed in many hotels and hospitality establishments in Europe, the middle east and in the sub-continent. Check out our website for alumni testimonials.

How long has Wish been operating in the UK?

Welcome Skills commenced trading in 2003 and has successfully developed a strong brand in quality training.
Our mission is to provide outstanding training to our clients and serve as a one stop shop for business training and services.

What is the application process?

Student must complete an enrollment form. They will then have an interview with a senior staff member to determine their eligibility.

Is there a chance of getting work in the UK after graduating from WISH?

Most students studying at WISH will be placed in hotels in Bangladesh and the middle East. We are currently looking at career opportunities in the UK.

Why did WISH come to Dhaka?

There are is a lot of hotel development in Bangladesh that have a need for young, English speaking talent with recognized hospitality qualifications. The school is therefore a great opportunity to fill these gaps and meet the needs of the industry.

How many students will be in each class?

Around 20 students per class.

Are all lecturers qualified in their fields and have sufficient experience?

Yes, all of our lecturers have both industry experience and Hospitality qualifications.

Where are the lecturers from?

Lecturers are both local and international from UK.

Will Wish provide us lunch?

Students will have an opportunity to dine in our training restaurant at a subsidised rate. There are many local eating outlets within easy reach of the school.

Are they any entry requirements to be able to attend WISH?

A good attitude and a willingness to learn. A basic understanding of English will help.

Is English compulsory for the courses?

All classes will be delivered in English with English classes provided to assist learners to improve their English.

What are the courses equivalent of?

Courses are level 2 NVQ diploma level

Will you be opening a WISH in Sylhet?

We currently have no plans to open in Syhlet.

What does a typical day at WISH entail?

WISH school incorporates both theoretical and practical elements into the teaching. Classes are vibrant, informative, fun and interactive.

Does WISH offer bursaries or loans?

Not at the moment.

Can multiple courses be enrolled on at once?

Not at the moment. A diploma course will take up your full time during the time that you are studying here.

What courses do WISH offer?
  • NVQ courses in
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Services
  • Customer Services


Other courses such as aviation management, cruise line and butler skills is in the pipeline.

Is there campus tour for visitors?

Yes. If you visit our website, you can book a campus tour.

What governing boards are you associated with?

BIIB Institute is our awarding body. https://www.biiab.org/qualifications/

What are the chances of me finding a job within 3 months after graduation?

Very high chances due to the growth in opportunities within the industry.

What are the estimated fees?

Contact our sales agent for current fees.

Does WISH provide accommodation for students coming from outside Dhaka?

Not at the moment but we are currently looking into this.

Which hotels does WISH send their students for internship?

The major international hotels in Dhaka and around Bangladesh. i.e. the intercontinental.

What does WISH offer, that other institutes in Dhaka does not offer?
  • All classes delivered in English
  • UK Qualifications
  • Brand new facilities
  • European Faculty
Can I work part-time if I enrol if I enrol at WISH?

Yes. If you are a Bangladeshi citizen.

How many intakes do you have?

We have a rolling intake every month or 2 months depending on capacity.

Does the certificate come from UK?


Do you offer scholarships?

Not at the moment. We are currently looking into this for next year.

How will I be assessed?

You will have a portfolio which will be your main assessment. In the portfolio you are required to complete a log of your learning reflections. There will be some tests along the way to monitor your progress.

Do I have to do Maths?

Very little. Only some basic calculation when doing recipes etc.

Can I use my mobile phone?

There is a phone zone in the school where students can use their phones. Students are not permitted to use their phones during the classes.

How will I study?

There is a mix of practical and theory classes. You will learn by means of lectures, seminars, demonstrations and group activities.

Will I get homework?

You will need to complete your portfolio and may receive some prep for your classes or some homework set by your individual tutors.

What if I fail my classes?

We will do everything to help you achieve success in your studies.


Will I have a uniform?

Students taking practical courses will receive a uniform.

How many days a week we will I study?

You will study 6 days per week.

How many hours of classes per day. It can vary each day depending on the timetable. It will probably average about 4-6 hours per day.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes, we have hi speed WIFI.

Does the school have security?

Yes, we have full time security guard. We also have fingerprint recognition for all students and employees.  We also have lockers available for rent.

What learning resources do you have available for students?

We use an online system called Dynamic learning which is full of online learning resources – PowerPoints, videos, handouts etc.