Patricia Paskins | (MIH BEd HONS)International Expert

    Throughout her career Patricia has been involved in planning, delivering and coordinating Hospitality work-based training and qualifications within various establishments and has also taught their own in-house trainers. She also taught full time and part time Hospitality students within the University of West London.

    Over many years she has been involved with education and training in a wide variety of high profile establishments including royal palaces, luxury households, exclusive clinics and hotels. Some of her work also covered consultancy for various agencies as well as for quality food suppliers.

    Patricia has co-authored a number of Hospitality publications including: Practical Cookery Levels 1, 2 and 3, Theory of Hospitality and Catering, and Hospitality Supervision / Leadership. She has also worked on the writing of qualifications with awarding bodies for Hospitality qualifications. Her Awards have included: PACE awards (Innovative teaching methods 2008 and Hospitality Lecturer of the year 2009) and Craft Guild of Chefs – Chef Lecturer of the year 2013.

    Butler training, fine service and etiquette training delivered by Patricia, has taken place in a number of high profile establishments as well as for corporate clients and private clinics. Training has also been completed as part of The Savoy Butler Academy for Savoy employees and others wishing to pursue training as part of the academy.

    Patricia has been involved in training with first class concierge services at Heathrow airport and in delivering customer care/butler skills programmes for world renowned airlines, especially for Etihad Airlines when they introduced butler services for The Residence. Delivery of Butler, training programmes are on-going in Asian countries, working with universities and directly with exclusive Hospitality clients and businesses. Hospitality and butler training has also been completed for luxury resorts overseas.